Friday, September 4, 2009

Where I've been...Where Im going...

1 year ago I stepped out of my "LIL BOX" and walked through the doors of Taylor Andrews Academy. I have always been somewhat intrested in being a hair stylist but to affraid to take the leap and do something I knew nothing about I always sat shackled to the options that seemed more reasonable to obtain. Finally taking that leap or stepping out of the box was the best thing I have ever done and now more sure of my future than I have ever been, I have impressed the public, Impressed my parents, Impressed my friends and most importantly Impressed myself with my ability to create, accomplish and become part of the most beautiful industry in the world. So where have I been? and Where am I going?

Eager to get involved and become the best I could in January a meer 4 months after I had started school and only a month after actively taking clients I entered into a contest called Beacon hosted by the PBA where they choose based on 3 before and after make-overs and a self promoting marketing peice the 100 top student hairstylists in Canada and the United States. I was excited to hear that I was choose and from there traveled to Las Vegas to learn from top hairstylists Micheal Baker, Philip Pelusi, Vivian Mckinder, Geno Stampora and many many more..

Dallas Curtis- Me- Geno Stampora

Its hard to not go away from these opportunities overwhelmed by motivation and excited to progress and push forward in this industry. So eager to become involved and become more than the average hairstylist I feel like I am doing my part to stand out in crowd of many. I have been doing photoshoots with some really great photographers in Utah and working with some really amazing Models, Fashion Designers, Make-up artists, and other Hairstylists to build my profolio. Heres my latest work.

High Fashion Photoshoot
Photographer: Jake Garn-
Fashion Design: Keith Bryce- (former contestant on project runway)
Make-up artist: Janelle Corey
Hairstylist: Josh Parkin and Chad Seale

High Fashion Costume Photoshoot
Make-up artist: Sherry Curtis
Hairstylist: Josh Parkin and Chad Seale
I have recently been asked by Larry Curtis (Owner of Taylor Andrews) to represent the school and enter under the student category in the North American Hairstyling Awards. (NAHA) I am so excited for the opportunity to do this photoshoot and I am eager to put my best work out there and be considered for this prestigous award. This is intimidating but I am ready to prove to myself more that with persistance anything is acheived. Here is the line up of professionals that will be doing the photoshoot.
Photographer: Babak -
Fashion Designer: Keith Bryce -
Make-up Artist: Sherri Curtis
Hairstylist: Me
Naha...Naha...Naha... This is all I want and "I AM" going to win :)

After this huge opportunity I am looking forward to getting back to work on more local photoshoots and continuing my education and experience in editorial work. I love Fashion, I love Hair, I love this industry.
The Scandal- The Payola Scandal that is: Many people who know me, know I am ambitious, sparatic, artistic, kaotic, talented, always busy either doing something or planning the next endevor, and eager to spread my wings in any way that I can. The Payola Scandal is my new band.. After a year or so of contemplating taking the next step in our musical envolvment Jason Gibbons (Lead Guitarist-Vocals) Bryan Allen (Bassist-Vocals) and me, Josh Parkin (Rythm Guitarist -Lead Vocals) had finally I reached the end of the rope in being "The Party Band" -meaning getting together on the weekends and jamming while we and other friends partied-. The ultimate problem was remembering the amazing things we had collectively produced during our "parties" and being able to reanact them when we were sober. We had to make a change and we did... In our atempts to make things official we have since been joined by Jake Gibbons(Bongo's- Vocals) and Ben Watson (Drums) forming the latest folk/ blues sensation The Payola Scandal

The best part about my life right now... "Were I've been... and were im going" is the ability to share these experiences with loved ones and friends who I have found -will- and -do- amazing things to help a small town boy acheive his dreams. I am living my dreams everyday only because family, friends, band mates, leaders, and professionals backed with motivation, passion, enthusiasm, willingness to try, persistence and a dream to succeed has given me inspiration.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Breakfast with Nicholas

I recently had the opportunity to attend a class taught by the amazing and successful stylist Nicholas French. For those of you who are unaware of the 2 time NAHA winning and multi talented stylist I suggest you look him up. click on the "About Nicholas French" section. His work will leave you as breathless as I was sitting amoung the class of 30 aspiring stylists wondering just how he made some of the most difficult things look so amazing and easy. Since I started at Taylor Andrews I have had so many great experiences and I have met some really amazing people and it is great to see just how appreachable, willing to help, caring, passionate, hardworking, and patient all these amazing stylists are. Nicholas spent the time showing us techniques and diffrent ideas when styling hair and then gave us a manaquin head and turned us loose. I only took me minutes of trying to recreate his styles to figure out why he is as successful as he is. I restarted several times what he had acheived in only minutes. After I had finally got my base Nicholas took time one on one with each of us showing, teaching, and fixing what we had created, and then allowing us to run wild with our creativity and achieving what im sure most of us had never thought we could ever accomplish. After we were done he then took time to critic our work and elaborate on what we had created. He gave us his advise and bragged about the things we had done that he liked. Standing in front of a class with Nicholas criticing my styling was abit intimidateing but when it was all over I left feeling like I could take on the world. I will never forget my experience and my learning opportunity with Nicholas French how he made me feel accomplished, creative and successful. He is such a caring and compassionate man full of so much talent and creativity. Breakfast with Nicholas has to be one of the best learning experience I have had so far. Are you Jealous?

Monday, February 23, 2009

My Future Starts Now.....

Close my eyes...Is this real...This disbelief...Take my pill...Cant I hide...Cant I run... Cant this slow down for just this once...Because its cold alone.
-chorus of one of my many written new folk songs-
-No better words discribe my emotions right now after finding out potentially life changing news about someone I have spent my whole life protecting...To you I wish I could take it all away and I love you.
-Last night The photographer of my latest photoshoots -Nate Evans- came by with the final pictures he took for my Beacon project. We sat for a few hours making corrections, criticizing angles and expressions, sharing oppinions of the final shots, playing music, talking about ambitions for the future, planning future photoshoots, and for me realizing I was surrounded by some of the most amazing, undiscovered talent anyone could be around. If your unfamiliar with I suggest you check it out and get involved.

-What started out as a time to finalize pictures turned into a opportunity to unleash artistic expression and ignite the fires of creativity. Ideas of future photoshoots overpowered our discussions and the sound of future musical endevors echoed through my house as if we had just unleashed the flood gates of a bottled up desire to create, accomplish and explore. It is such a breath of fresh air sharing rooms and conversation with creative and talented people no matter what there form of expression is. Nate will definatley be apart of my future in photoshoots and If I get my way (Ive been beggin' him) he will definatley be apart of my future musical endevor.

-Nights like these leave you energized and refreshed to change the world. Look for it in the future because its going to happen. I "will" be the best and I will be damn suprised if Nate Evans isnt as well.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Round 2 Fools...

So tomarrow we have invited the girls back for another shoot.. I love the pics Nate was able to get in and around the school but we are now taking it to the studio for a different look. Check back for the pics..


Photoshootin w/ Nate..

Here are some of the photos from the photoshoot...enjoy..





and some more of the shoot.

Thanks to everyon involved

Friday, February 13, 2009

Here We Go Again..

Alright I am trying my luck at another photoshoot with some really cute and fun girls.. I really enjoy being a hair stylist and I am really enjoying going to school. More than anything I want to take full advantage of my time I have to learn and grow in this industry. Sooo with any luck and alot of help from some really good friends.. I should have an amazing time and experience. The photoshoot is for a program called beacon. If chosen I will have the amazing ability to attend classes with some of the top stylists in this industry and further my education as a hair stylist. We were told about this project a few weeks ago at school and being as ambitious as I am I couldnt pass up the opportunity. Since I feel like I have joined up with some really amazing people to make this happen. Mimi Ruiz-Make-up artist..Megan Danner-Hair Stylist/Instructor.. Nate Evans-Photographer.. Ashley Williamson-Model.. Brittney Bright-Model.. Ashley Dumas-Model. Thanks to these talented people hopefully I can become one step closer to a dream.. Watch for pics to come..


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

L.A Bound..

Recently I had the opportunity to go to L.A with my school to visit some really cool salons and also go to the ISSE in Long Beach. Immediatley when I got off the plane in Long Beach I realized something that I always do everytime I go to california and that is.. (its perfect)... It was so nice and I think within 15 minutes of us being there we all had traded our winter Utah clothes in for something alot less warm and a load more summer oriented.
We landed on Saturday and headed to Hollywood for some shopping and and then to Rodeo drive to check out some really high end, modern, trendy salons and get a feel of the atmosphere we could be working in someday. I loved it I love the casual yet confidence of the place. Cool shops with really crazy contemporary decor mixed with the comfort of small coffee shops and restuarants which I am sure are spendy as hell to eat at. Either way this was exactly what I think I needed to continue to motivate me and push me in the direction I am planning on taking.

The next day was the show and it was really amazing. Its crazy how huge the expo was and how cheap some of the products were too.. By the end of it all we all had huge bags full of all sorts of cool things to try out and use. Im glad I got it all in my suitcase.. haha
The most influential time of the whole trip was being invited to sit in on a class taught by Phillip Wilson. It was such a great experience to watch on of the top masters in the industry style cut and demonstrate techniques of becoming a stylist. I admire his drive and passion for the industry and more than anything I appreciate the opportunity to learn and be taught by one of the best. -Thanks Larry Curtis-...and Thanks Phillip Wilson
After that we had the time to spend hanging out @Disney and the beach I opted for to go hang out with my friends who live in Hollywood instead of Disney but I wasnt missing the beach..

The Wiskey a Go Go .. Is a famous Hollywood Venue.. every good band has went thru the wiskey on there way to fame..

Janessa and I on the Beach..

Wave Jumpin..
Sand windmills as you can see im not so good..

Chelcie and I

Rae Rae and I
Finally on our way home..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Turn For The Turn..

Thru life I have noticed most of my motivation comes from experiencing and physically seeing what I can do..realizing I can actually do something.. and figuring out the process it takes to accomplish it. When I am comfortable I get confident and when I get confident I get creative.. Yesterday I noticed I also get motivation from something else.. Ahh the joys of defeat... Its something I dont like to admit but it is something that I also really have enjoyed enduring while I am going to Taylor Andrews. I think I have taken the well paved road thru most of my life following career paths that I already know I am good at and really not fighting to spread my horizons and learn new things. Know I am pushing the envelope in becoming a hair stylist and for one of the few times of my life trying to expand out of my little box and achieve a dream. I would love to tell everyone how awsome I am at hair all the time -although I think I do have a natural talent- I am struggling to grasp the concepts and excel thru the comfort to confident-to creative stages. Im sure we have all felt it and there is nothing worse than when the walls start closing in and the doubt starts flooding in.. Its horrible but then again in my its great... Im motivated to be the best..and I will be

Monday, December 22, 2008

Photoshooting w/ Frustration

lately I have had the ability to be inspired by some pretty amazing people and accomplish some really cool things.. I just finished with my first photoshoot and it went really well.. Things could have been better of course but after enduring the little things and hang-ups I tend to come across doing new things.. the ending result was perfect.. Ashley was an amazing model to work with and I couldnt have asked for a better turn-out. I will post pictures on here as soon as I get them back from the photographer. Thanks Ashley your the best..

Since then I have scheduled a few more models to do photoshoots and I am really excited to work with them and get more experience.. I also have talked to some pretty amazing photographers who I am really excited to have come out and do the photography. This is Cam's site and I have nothing but confidence in him and his ability to make this a really successful shoot.

So Im super excited for the future and all the new things I am learning and trying to accomplish. I am taking a class in March from an amazing hairstylist named Nicholas French, going to LA to a hairshow with my school in the end of January and working on my photoshoot for the NAHA's.

Art..I have this amazing ability to start all these new ideas and when it comes to finishing them well I either loose interest or run out of time but im bound and determined to finish a few this break... so stay tuned.. I have also made arrangments to have my art show up in SLC sometime in the first few months of the yr so I really need to finish a few by then..

Merry Christmas


Friday, October 17, 2008

Life is interesting.. Life is well...Grand

I dont know how long it has been since I have felt the ambitions and the drive to just live. Even walking seems diffrent when your excited about life. Isnt this the worst picture of me you have ever seen..? But yet one of the most full of life pictures I have ever seen of myself. -Bean-